Funding Mega deals from $5 Million to $100 Billion Dollars

Russia mega funding CORP – GLOBAL 7500 BUSINESS JET

Russia Mega Funding Corp. will operate in 180 countries by 2022-2023. We have the potential to do $180 Billion Dollars a year. That means doing $1 Billion per country of Mega Funding. This makes a very valuable private company in demand.

Our Jet can fly 14 hours non-stop to anywhere in the world that our services are required.


Head Office in Toronto, Canada

Virtual Offices In: New York, Cayman Islands, England, Channel Islands, Switzerland, Israel, Dubai, China, India & Russia.

We are in the process of purchasing an offshore bank to fund many of our mega funding deals for our clients. Deals that normal banks can’t fund due to the regulations for 2021.

We will be moving our Head Office to Russia starting January 1st, 2022.

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Kenny Dusang

President & CEO,
Russia mega funding corp.

Russia Mega Funding Corp. is a leader in providing the finest financial thinking, products and execution for companies, governments, high net-worth clients and institutional investors from around the globe. Our people bring leadership and product offering across investment banking and mega funding. Investment management and research serve the diverse needs of our clients and are consistently the best in their class across the industry.

Traveling the World for You

Funding Mega Real Estate, Oil & Gas Portfolios, Aircraft, Yachts, Ships, Etc.

What we do

We fund mega deals from
USD 5 Million to 100 Billion dollars

We strive to attract and appeal to the elite of the elite global companies, high net-worth clients, governments, countries and communities who require our success and sophistication in global mega funding with the utmost privacy and confidentiality from $5 Million to $100 Billion U.S. with one stop shopping with us. We fund companies who wish to go public. We purchase and fund limited partnerships. We welcome you to partner with us in the country of your choice.

Venture opportunities

Commercial Funding

Sale Opportunities

process overview

How to get funding

  • 01
    Request a Quote
    We require the asset details, funding amount, the associated financials including any term of the lease, and nationality of the client.​
  • 02
    Know Your Client & Due Diligence
    On acceptance of our preliminary quote, we will travel to the location to inspect the opportunity. We would also request a non-exhaustive list of documentation to be submitted to our compliance and credit board for review and evaluation.
  • 03
    Review & Engagement Fee
    A deposit fee for reviewing the feasibility study and legal engagement. A NDA would be signed to start the process.
  • 04
    Commitment Letter - Finance Approved
    Should the result of the previous process be successful, a formal offer will be issued by the bank as a commitment letter for your signature.

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